Combo Rack (Wall Mount) with 5 Locks Included

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The Newest Addition to our wall mount products The COMBO Wall Mounted Rack stores and locks all equipment types including Skis, Snowboards, Powder Skis, Extreme Fat Skis and Junior Skis. With 5 locking slots (3 Skis and 2 Snowboard/Powder Fat) you will be able to secure your full line of equipment with one rack. The snowboard locking rails can handle two snowboards in one slot when placed back to back for a total of 4 snowboards or any combination of powder skis and snowboards.. Select your lock preferenceKeyed the Same (Family Locks) or Uniquely Keyed (Individually Keyed)

Each lock comes with 2 keys for a total of 10 keys. This package includes:  RACK, 5 LOCKS with 10 keys