Wall Rack Installation Instructions

Wall Rack Dimensions


 Parts Included

  • 4  Spacer/washers
  • 4 -  5/16 Mounting Bolts 

Recommended Outdoor Installation: 

  • Use Galvanized 5/16 Lag Bolts


Installation Instructions:

Step 1 – Mark Wall From Ground at 40” (standard height) 

Step 2 – Place Rack on Drawn Line (height of rack) and mark the 4 Drill Holes

Step 3 – Drill a pilot hole smaller than 5/16” in each bolt location

Step 4 – Place spacer/washer in rack with Lag Bolt and fasten to wall. If you are installing into concrete use anchor & bolts

Important: To ensure proper height for installation measure the longest pair of skis you will lock from tails to slightly above toe piece of binding. Use that measurement as the height for your rack installation from floor to bottom of locking rail.

NOTE: Our wall rack is designed to place the binding toe piece below the locking rails (See A illustration below). If you have older skis or skis with narrow binding plates your skis can be placed in the rack between the bindings and “hung” on the rack (See B illustration below).

SNOWBOARD- FAT SKI WALL UNIT – Follow Ski Steps  - Height may vary,  insert Snowboard or Fat Skis between the bindings (See C & D,E Illustration Below) Wider Skis (minimum 3 1/2 inches wide above the binding toe piece) can be placed in the rails side by side like (Figure D) with toe piece below rails (Figure A) provided sidewalls of ski are less than 1 inch thick. 

Two snowboards can fit into one locking slot when placed bottom to bottom (Depending on thickness of Snowboard- See D Below) 


  • A

  • B

  • C

  • D

  • E