Wall Mount Locking Storage Racks (Rack Only)

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We offer two styles of lockable wall racks manufactured from high grade aluminum with an anodized finish. Our wall racks are designed to individually lock each piece of equipment with Ski Key locks (sold separately). Two locking options are available a) Individually keyed or b) family keyed alike. Great for homes, ski houses, condo, hotels and mountain resorts. Works exceptionally well for rental properties keeping owners equipment locked when renting. When mounted on the outside of the building, helps keep your rental property in good condition while keeping equipment safe. 

Rack does not include locks- Locks sold separately.  There is a combo package which includes rack & locks Click HERE

1. SKI WALL RACK –  Locks 5 pair of skis and is easy to install with 4 bolts. Measures: 45”L x 7” W (Fits skis that are up to 5 inches wide just above binding toe piece)

2. SNOWBOARD/POWDER FAT WALL RACK – Locks 5 Snowboards  10 when placed bottom to bottom or a combination of Powder Fat or Twin Tip Skis and Snowboards. When using rack for Powder Fats or Twin Tip skis, rack will hold 5 pair Measures: 39”L x 13”W  (Works for any width of ski that does not have binding plates or plates 1 inch thick or less)

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