Individual Locks (Uniquely Keyed)

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  • Available in Five Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Red or Yellow
  • Locks Include 2 Keys per Lock  
  • Each Lock is Keyed Uniquely
  • Locks include FREE SHIPPING             
THE SKI KEY SYSTEM offers peace of mind, convenience and security to skiers & snowboarders. SKI KEY is a fast, easy and affordable solution for locking skis, snowboards, powder fats and twin tips. Simply buy your SKI KEY LOCK for use in a SKI KEY SYSTEMS rack at your favorite ski area.



Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Such a necessity

Absolutely love these, bought two! Easy to use. I wish I bought them sooner!

David Pickering
Works great.

Love the security of locking up my skis with Ski Key. Simple to use and takes no time at all. My ski area, Wachusett, has loads of racks. Very happy with my purchase.

J Mac
About MT. Sunapee

I saw Mark's Comment about Mt. Sunapee. You should call out the resort on Social Media. A friend of mine had his skies STOLEN at Mt. Sunapee last week. I know he didn't have this ski lock, but I do. If I had a lock and the Management and staff was too lazy to make the racks available to its skiers, I would have been very angry and that would be an understatement. I guess I need to buy a pocket cable lock as a back-up just in case the management and its workers are too lazy to put out these racks.

Mark Elder
List of resorts not up to date

I purchased specifically for use at Mt. Sunapee in NH. The resort is listed on your website but they don't use your system at the Mountain. I saw the racks all buried under the deck at the Summit Lodge.

Mark thank for your review, unfortunately when resorts purchase our racks we have no control over how they use them. We encourage all of our resort customers to place racks in convenient and easy access locations. When we hear a complaint from a lock customer we contact the resort operations team to make them aware of the complaint. Ultimately it is the resorts decision and responsibility. We would encourage you to contact the resort directly and lodge a complaint to their skier services department. Resort customers always get the attention better than the supplier.

Jeffrey B Coburn
Very happy :)

Fits just as promised and found at least one compatible rack at Okemo, Wildcat, and several other mountains I ski at. Definitely with $29 to make a $1,000 pair of skis/bindings less appealing to thieves.