Freestanding Rack for Skis. Snowboards, Fats

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Our Freestanding Combo Rack is a “ALL-IN-ONE" locking solution for all equipment types including; Shaped Skis, Snowboards, Powder Fats, Twin Tips and Junior Skis. Our freestanding rack is designed for commercial use by resorts for everyday ski rack storage. Manufactured from high grade aluminum coupled with galvanized steel legs make it a durable, maintenance free, long life product that is lightweight. Ski Key Freestanding Racks are multi- functional, working as a lockable solution and/or a traditional lean up rack.

  • Rack Locking Capacity: 12 Pair of Skis, 6 Snowboards or Powder Fats
  • Rack Weight : 85 lbs
  • Overall Measurements: Length 78", Leg Width 36", Height: 52" 

 Detailed Rack Measurements- PDF FILE Download Click Here

Note: Due to the size and weight, Freestanding racks must be shipped by freight service (Common Carrier)  We will notify you with a shipping cost based on the total weight and destination. Shipping cost are not calculated at checkout. Racks ship FOB Red Hook, NY.