Family Locks -(Keyed the same)

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  • KEYED ALIKE (Keyed the same) 
  • Great for Families, Ski Teams, or Sharing Locks
  • Available in Five Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Red or Yellow 
  • Family Locks are Keyed The Same, One Key Works for ALL Locks
  • Minimum Order is 2 Locks (2 Keys Included with Each Lock Ordered)
  • Locks Include FREE SHIPPING!
THE SKI KEY SYSTEM offers peace of mind, convenience and security to skiers & snowboarders. SKI KEY is a fast, easy and affordable solution for locking skis, snowboards, powder fats and twin tips. Simply buy your SKI KEY LOCK for use in a SKI KEY SYSTEMS rack at your favorite ski area.


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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic Product & Outstanding Customer Service

I recently had a pair of skis stolen and was looking for a way to keep my skis locked up. I've seen these ski racks around at all of the resorts we visit, but always thought I didn't need it or that "it wouldn't happen to me." Boy was I wrong!

Ski Key shipped my order extremely quickly and they ensured that I received my locks in time for our next trip. The locks are simple to use, very effective, and easy to keep in your pocket when not in use. Keyed the same is also a huge plus for our family of 5.

Don't let some thief ruin your ski day. Pickup a Ski Key lock now for simple piece of mind and to keep your expensive gear safe!

Great idea and minor cost to protect expensive gear!

I love the idea to have multiple locks with the same key so I don’t have to carry so many different keys or coordinate who gets what. Ski Key has been very quick to ship orders and responsive to questions and correct a minor error. Happy with working with them and having this lock for our loved (and expensive) equipment!!



Outstanding convenience

These are designed to keep your skis / boards safe in specific racks, and they do exactly that! Nice to have adults and kids on the same key pattern - kids get to carry their own key, but adults also have the same key for our locks, so we have built in redundancy.

Brendan Finucane

You only sent me one key. I was under the impression from what I saw on the website that I was going to get five keys, not one I’ve returned the key.

Unfortunately you misread the description as it clearly states you need to order at least 2 locks for a family set. To give us a 1 star review for not giving you 5 locks for the price of one is a bit unfair. If you had questions about the purchase you could have emailed or called us for additional information. We have never had a customer complain about the ordering process and what is included.